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Who We Are

ZSI Corp is a premium distributor for street fashion, sportswear and footwear brands throughout the Middle East. Our private labeling division is one of the region’s biggest supplier of SMU products for prestigious leisure facilities across the region.

Our team brings together an international experience in marketing, distribution and brand building. ZSI Corp’s head office is located in Dubai, the financial and business hub of the Middle East.


Customer Service

ZSI Corp has established the highest standard of customer-oriented strategy, which contributes tremendously to its success. We pride ourselves in educating clients to help them better understand the brand heritage and the technology behind each product.


Our experienced, ambitious and self-motivated team is able to specifically implement solution-based sales strategies and uncover new business opportunities.

Established Clients

Our clients are well established and internationally recognized. Over the years we have built an excellent relationship with all our partners and continues to develop and build on existing retail and operational opportunities.

Our Mission

Dedicated to the highest quality of Customer Service while challenging employees to make a difference and build a thriving enterprise.

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